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Cut Your Dental Costs 20%- 70%

The Careington “500 Series” Dental Plan contains eight different fee schedules which reflects the discount for specific dental procedures - what YOU pay the dentist after the discount is applied.  The fee schedule you use is determined by which state you live in  - or get dental work done. For example - If you live in the state of Florida, you would use the 501 fee schedule to see your discounted rates.  If you were on vacation in Arizona, and had a dental emergency in AZ, then that dental office would use the 502 Fee Schedule to determine your discount. Select the fee schedule below, based on the state in which you will have dental work done to see your discounted rates.  If you cannot find a dentist in your area for our 500 Series dental plan, please check out our sister site that offers our Careington POS Dental Plan and the Access Dental Plan (Powered by the Aetna Dental Access network) This dental plan is not available in VT or MT.

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